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HYDROMETER. An instrument for measuring the density of fluids; being immersed in fluids, as in water, brine, beer, brandy, &c., it determines the proportion of their densities, or their specific gravities, and thence their qualities.
     2. By, the Act of Congress of January 12, 1825, 3 Story's' Laws U. S. 1976, the secretary of the treasury is authorized, under the direction of the president of the United States, to adopt and substitute such hydrometer as he may deem best calculated to promote the public interest, in lieu of that now prescribed by law, for the purpose of ascertaining the proof of liquors; and that after such adoption and substitution, the duties imposed by law upon distilled spirits shall be levied, collected and paid, according to the proof ascertained by any hydrometer so substituted and adopted.

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Since calibration parameters determined for the G-65 gravimeter (Oja et al.
It was based on the determinations of absolute gravity values with a JILAg-5 gravimeter in 1995 as well as relative gravity connections with LCR (LaCoste&Romberg) G-type spring gravimeters.
As a result of this design change, the commercially manufactured absolute gravimeter now satisfied Abbe's dictum: If you want to measure something in a particular direction, then build the apparatus along that direction and avoid measuring in orthogonal directions, which will likely introduce cross-couplings such as--in the case of the "side-by-side" JILAg gravimeter--a tilt sensitivity.
Gravity acceleration, g, is determined by a commercial gravimeter [15], which records the trajectory of a corner cube dropped in a vacuum.
After searching the South Pole data, Nawa found weak but continuous oscillations, about a trillionth of the strength of gravity at Earth's surface, picked up by the gravimeter.
Our model and theory of gravity [11] is based on a flux of particles, and the "narrow beam" is interpreted due to very low-angle elastic scattering of external particles by the nucleons of the celestial bodies [11,12], particularly the Moon (near body in [12]) and Sun (far body), such that some particles never reach the detecting apparatus such as pendula, gravimeter, or radioactive source-detector system.
Ian Lumb, both at York University in Toronto, think these fluctuations in the gravity field were caused by "inertial waves,' or oscillations of the outer-core fluids, which redistributed the mass in the core and hence changed the reading on the Belgium gravimeter.
With the introduction of a new portable absolute gravimeter, Micro-g will complement Scintrex's existing line of gravimeters and its well established sales and marketing channels to significantly increase its market share in the years to come.
A gravimeter from Sander Geophysics and Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Palisades, N.
This results in changes in zero position, known also as gravimeter drift.
The Division's CG-3 AutoGrav Gravimeter, the ENVI Geophysical Systems, the IPR-12 Induced Polarization receiver, the SMARTMAG and CS-2 high-resolution magnetometers remain top sellers and the leading products in their category.