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As his job prospects get increasingly bleak and bills mount up, he gravitates toward the lifestyle of his hustling cousins and other nefarious characters.
Walt blames his mother, while the younger and more fragile (in some respects, at least) Frank gravitates toward her.
Jung Institute in Zurich, Not The Big Sleep brings to life complex abstract concepts concerning how the human mind gravitates toward involvement, and even love, in a narrative manner that readers of all background can relate to.
New York is the Capital of the World to which the World gravitates.
But if the reader is one who gravitates to the type of horror literature that creates a lingering, perhaps even haunting, feeling rather than the raw shock of a bloody torso dropping from the highest shelf in an old closet, this is a collection worth reading.
And she gravitates toward stories that don't show up in mainstream American culture, a tendency she shares with McCullers.