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An upper limit to an additional attractive force is established from the measurement of quantum states of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field.
This differential in the gravitational field would build up rapidly as the size of the collapsing star approached the Schwarzschild limit, so it would not be an instantaneous reversal.
The field equation of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity has never before been solved to calculate the gravitational field of a mass moving close to the speed of light.
If the radial gravitational field contains a small time-dependent component with an angular speed near [[omega].
Also, the gravitational field varies as 1/r and thus the wave dies out as one moves away from the dipole antenna.
Despite the strong gravitational field of the white dwarf-nearly 100,000 times that on Earth-the ions stay above the surface because they are continually pushed up by the strong radiation from the star.
When pure matter is the source, the problem has been "cured" by introducing the so-called "pseudo-tensor" that "conveniently" describes the gravitational field of this mass so that the four-momentum of both matter and its gravity field is conserved.
We found that any difference between the value of alpha in the strong gravitational field of the white dwarf and its value on Earth must be smaller than one part in ten thousand," Dr Berengut said.
A successful imaging of the shadow could help to determine some of these uncertainties, allowing a determination to be made between general relativity and any potential teleparallel theory including a material gravitational field.
From his point of view, anything that crosses the event horizon with him--whether it's an encyclopedia or a planet--proceeds into the black hole, only to be torn apart later by the immense gravitational field within.
The reason we can constrain the weather to the upper 680 miles or so is that we would see a much stronger distortion of the gravitational field if the weather extended much deeper," he said.
The proposed new version for Newtonian theory requires only mainstream physics: 1) classical Newtonian theory and 2) the causality principle which requires time-retardation of the gravitational field.