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Gray was a professional inventor, a highly competent man who had begun his career as a blacksmith's apprentice, and risen to be a professor of Oberlin.
But Gray could never forget that he had seemed to be, for a time, so close to the golden prize; and seven years after he had been set aside by the Western Union agreement, he reappeared with claims that had grown larger and more definite.
Harry," he said, "Dorian Gray is to me simply a motive in art.
Some day I will show the world what it is; and for that reason the world shall never see my portrait of Dorian Gray.
I am tired to-night,--very tired with new things, Gray Brother,--but bring me the news always.
Mowgli drove them on to the edge of the plain where the Waingunga came out of the jungle; then he dropped from Rama's neck, trotted off to a bamboo clump, and found Gray Brother.
I had my gray cloak on; neither he nor any of them saw me in my nurse's dress.
Julian Gray appeared--returning from his unsuccessful search in the grounds.
That stately form, combining the leader and the saint, so gray, so dimly seen, in such an ancient garb, could only belong to some old champion of the righteous cause, whom the oppressor's drum had summoned from his grave.
I have stayed the march of a King himself, ere now," replied the gray figure, with stern composure.
There had come many from the north--seven by the squire's computation, eight or nine according to Gray.
We went over fields, crossed by spidery trails of gray fences, where the withered grasses stuck forlornly up through the snow; we lingered for a time in a group of hill pines, great, majestic tree-creatures, friends of evening stars; and finally struck into the belt of fir and maple which intervened between Carlisle and Baywater.