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The gray scale values revealed increasing populations of bacteria from 102 to [10.
The gray scale and power encode features are a continuation of
s MicroPure[TM] image processing technique in visualizing breast microcalcifications compared with gray scale ultrasound imaging.
CIS devices manufactured with the new 130nm process also promise a greatly enhanced resolution, gray scale and relative illumination thanks to proprietary Dongbu processing techniques and technologies that have virtually eliminated "dark current" widely believed to be the most difficult problem to resolve in CIS imaging.
NASDAQ: LASX) announced today that its Sandia Imaging Systems subsidiary entered into a strategic alliance with Xerox Graphic Systems for Sandia to introduce a Digital Image Recorder (DIR) Gray Scale Printer that accepts Xerox' new "environmentally friendly" Verde Digital Film.
The Color Composite feature makes it easy to create composite images from multiple gray scale images.