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Because intensity varies across the grayness spectrum, line counts decrement from a large number, when even the lightest growth lines are counted, to a small number when just the darkest growth lines are counted.
According to GATF, the companies submitted 109 samples that were then used to create a profile of printing quality The profile includes both densitometric attributes--such as solid ink density, dot gain, print contrast, ink trapping, dot gain ratios, grayness, hue error and total area coverage -- and colorimetric properties.
As Joan explains, the colors and textures of walls and fabrics had to be strong, intense, and warm to counteract the cold grayness and stark form of the concrete columns, which were left exposed and then sandblasted for extra texture.
Yet woven through this grayness are the local stories, legends, and songs that flavor and brighten Irish life, added to the boy's own imagination and thirst for knowledge, which is spurred on by his nightly reading.
If you take out creative merchandising, you get grayness, sameness, the dullness of commodity retailing.
There will definitely be an increase in the number of charges by disabled persons because the grayness of the law will cause some confusion.
All of this grayness is the result of research we recently completed for a paper presented at the EDANA Annual General Meeting in Monte-Carlo in June.
Expanded filtering options make it easier to eliminate grayness when scanning halftone images.
He took on the staid establishment of grayness and functionality and won, showing that just because something has always been that way, doesn't mean it can't be changed or improved.
The great victories of the sport he-roes in Lithuania reminded us that there is power within ourselves to overcome the pessimistic grayness and politisized society, Spasev writes.