great station

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Stretching from the solidity of the General Post Office's '30s Rationalism northwards to Finlandia Hall and the southern shores of Toolo Bay was a muddle of railway lines and sheds that somehow became detached from the flank of Saarinen's great station.
It was a great station for the housebound and provided a great information service.
Moonves added: "This idea becomes a reality only when a great station group like Tribune comes on board with us and delivers the powerful reach a new network requires.
Great station 100 yds off I-95 on a major rd lighted intersection.
Paul McTear, Raycom's President and CEO, said: "We love the Wilmington market and hated to sell this great station.
This first road show was an incredible success -- we have always known we have a great station that is entirely unique; but, we had no idea what the reception would be to our live road show.
It combines a number of attractive aspects: the opportunity of managing a great station in one of my favorite regions; the chance to be a part of what I see as the most progressive company in television broadcasting; and the ability to continue lecturing and strategizing at the Media Management Center, which is doing such great, forward-looking work.
We look forward to having him apply his extensive talents at WDSU, which is a great station in a great city.
Very open and airy with great stations and a beautiful build out.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to see our great stations - great again?
We were able to place our spot on great stations in two of the top five markets in the country -- at very efficient rates," said Eric Albrecht, LPGA senior director of marketing.
Apart from getting some great stations in great markets, the stations are substantially more valuable today than when we bargained for them a year ago.