greatest degree

See: utmost
References in classic literature ?
I was calm for some time; but the greatest degree of forbearance may be overcome, and I hope I was afterwards sufficiently keen.
The greatest degree of rational consistency could not have been more engaging, and they talked with mutual satisfaction.
We do so with the greatest degree of personal attention and confidentiality.
The Cloud Storage should be compatible and integrated to the greatest degree possible with the Data Storage solution provided.
Foreign Office Director for the Americas Kate Smith said: "Mexico and Colombia are among our close relationships and the ones which we have the greatest degree of like-mindedness across a range of issues.
Individuals who have outdoor lifestyles, live in sunny climates, and are lightly pigmented will experience the greatest degree of photoaging.
On the surface, an electricity contract that locks in the entire load at a fixed price seems to give the greatest degree of budget certainty and the greatest degree of cost control.
I will never understand why, in light of this great American experiment, which has afforded American Jews the greatest degree of acceptance and opportunity in our entire history, the majority of us endorse positions which will not improve, but will ultimately dismantle our government and the values of our society.
In a statement, the central bank said, 'Considering that the high level of problematic loans is to the greatest degree a consequence of late loan repayments by companies, new regulatory solutions allow banks to cede the claims in line with international practice and standards.
Employment has now rise for seven successive months and latest data showed the continuation of the recent acceleration in growth, with staffing levels in July rising to the greatest degree since April 2011," the bank said.
To achieve the greatest degree of reflectivity, specifications call for a white primer to be applied first and controlled even topcoat.
Clinical outcomes for glucose control, low-density lipoprotein control, and blood pressure showed the greatest degree of disparity between black and white veterans.