greatest extent

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To the basis in each loss share owned by members of the group (but not below its FMV), in a manner that unifies (to the greatest extent possible) the basis-to-value ratio in all shares.
How can a system which allows this to happen to the greatest extent possible be any sort of "imposition" on any group of people?
This concept seeks to separate local trips from regional through trips to the greatest extent possible,'' the MTA said in a report on the recommendations.
Methods of Compliance: a practice-specific, step-by-step description of tasks as they should be performed to reduce the risk of occupational injury to the greatest extent possible (also referred to as Standard Operating Procedures)
In addition, the clear, written policy should state that employees who complain will be protected from retaliation, that confidentiality will be protected to the greatest extent possible, and that the camp will take immediate action when it determines that harassment has occurred (Enforcement Guidance on Vicarious Employer Liability 2003).
military troops are putting the greatest extent of pressure on Iraq, we should not say things like 'military force should not be used,''' Kawaguchi said in response to questions at the meeting on the government's inadequate explanation of how Japan would respond if the United States attacks Iraq.
With the goal of reducing to the greatest extent unnecessary inconveniences to contributors and achieve the highest recovery of public resources, in this exercise the policy has been to side with quality rather than quantity," the secretariat said in a statement.
So together, we must ensure that the rules that will come out of the new round will permit us to pursue our legitimate policies to support farmers, while avoiding, to the greatest extent possible, trade distortion,'' Fischler said.
It's necessary to understand to the greatest extent possible the rheological properties of non-processed fluid foods, such as fresh fruits that are liquidated before they are concentrated, to optimize process design and product development.
Those missing out to the greatest extent are pensioners needing help with care and who are entitled to attendance allowance.
Litton will provide an all-optical hydrophone using optical technology with signal generation and data transmission based on optical technology using fiberoptic sensors, all-optical telemetry and commercial off the shelf (COTS) non-development (NDI) items and modified COTS/NDI to the greatest extent practical to meet system performance requirements.