greatest number

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1) Greatest number of points obtained in all group matches--The teams with the most points--three points for a win, one for a draw--advance.
Other awards went to Jim Hockaday who scooped the Belsay Shield for the greatest number of hits - 60 - and to Peter Croft, who picked up the Ponteland Horn for the Ponteland archer who achieved the greatest number of golds - six.
Here are some other numbers of interest: 187 - aces served by Andy Roddick during the tournament, the greatest number of any player.
Because back then the bobbies appeared to operate a greatest good of the greatest number policy.
The Transportation Department said United's proposed capital-to-capital route benefits the greatest number of travelers.
It has the greatest number of locations open and operating in North America than any chain.
The greatest number of chemical substitutions, 18, occurred in a segment dubbed human accelerated region 1, or HAR1.
Which European country has the greatest number of lakes?
Manufacturing projects created the vast majority of total capital investments in 2004 and were the source of the greatest number of new jobs.
Fundamentally, it's the difference between a philosophy that forces the greatest number of buyers into a minimum number of vehicles and one that creates the greatest practical variety to capture the broadest market possible.
To ascertain the relationship between epidemic scale and velocity of spread, we used three parameters, greatest number of ILI cases, increasing-to-peak period, and nationwide peak-duration.
A study of more than 4,000 men and women in the United States found that those who are the greatest number of servings of fruits and vegetables had the lowest levels of LDL-cholesterol.