greatest part

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Could that which procures a freer vent for the products of the earth, which furnishes new incitements to the cultivation of land, which is the most powerful instrument in increasing the quantity of money in a state -- could that, in fine, which is the faithful handmaid of labor and industry, in every shape, fail to augment that article, which is the prolific parent of far the greatest part of the objects upon which they are exerted?
In so opulent a nation as that of Britain, where direct taxes from superior wealth must be much more tolerable, and, from the vigor of the government, much more practicable, than in America, far the greatest part of the national revenue is derived from taxes of the indirect kind, from imposts, and from excises.
They spend the greatest part of their lives in observing the celestial bodies, which they do by the assistance of glasses, far excelling ours in goodness.
As we are sensible that much the greatest part of our readers are very eminently possessed of this quality, we have left them a space of twelve years to exert it in; and shall now bring forth our heroe, at about fourteen years of age, not questioning that many have been long impatient to be introduced to his acquaintance.
Perhaps the greatest part of this victory was not the actual running of the race, but getting Ms Moran to allow the horse to take his chance.
IF Wales is going to be strong then Cardiff Schools Rugby must be strong, because that is where the greatest part of the population lives.
I have enjoyed my working life for the greatest part and have been proud to play a role in the development and success of people, but sadly, it appears to me that this is often hindered due to excessive workloads and money making activities.
Nexus should be giving the greatest part of their attention to these, but instead imply we should accept and be resigned to bus services withering and dying.
The greatest part is they want the bits that we want least.
But I think the greatest part of the experience was the almost two months we spent in Morocco where we were in an exotic, stimulating environment.
The former minister also supervised the construction of a large fleet of tankers, something that gives Qatari gas flexibility that allows is to enter the greatest part of major consumption markets, in addition to the construction of terminals and ports to receive gas in consumer countries.
Having this debate reminded me that the greatest part of freedom of expression is that we all have a right to hold different beliefs; no one has to feel the same way as others because everyone has the right to disagree.