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Now that biological and pharmaceutical patents are enforced worldwide, have greatly increased in number, and have far more ongoing research to block, their damage to innovation may be much greater than their benefit.
The automated test development software and a new non-multiplexed tester-per-pin architecture provide electronic manufacturers with a solution that accelerates test and fixture development while greatly simplifying engineering change orders.
Though this isn't a catchall solution, the anticipated downtime can be greatly reduced at a minimum cost.
Similarly, having dozens of different business processes where one could suffice also greatly adds inefficiencies.
The registry is vital to the future of biometrics because it will greatly facilitate the integration of biometric technologies into networks that have important mass commercial applications.
The use of Filers to store database datafiles offers some significant advantages over the alternate approach of directattached storage or SAN-attached storage, including excellent performance, greatly improved ease of administration, and significantly reduced total cost of ownership.
Here she offers a broader and more analytical characterization of the sermon-audience than Mormando, although she has also benefited greatly from his work.
In the last part of the book, Bullock discusses how Antimasonry greatly discredited the Craft in America between 1826 and 1840.
Based on its analysis, the Service concluded that the HAR could be used even though it greatly exceeded the actual absorption ratio for a year.
At the recent NPE show in Chicago, polyethylene blown film processors were told that addition of a concentrate of 1-micron calcium carbonate could greatly improve throughput rates and permit downgauging (see PT, Aug.
By shifting enough Inuit women into the "girl" category to even child sex ratios, the investigators ended up with men greatly outnumbering women; adult female mortality rates were not high enough to justify this pattern.
During that period, in the 50 villages studied in the Rakai district, the percentage of men with more than one sexual partner somewhat increased, condom use greatly increased but to well tinder 100%, and the incidence of new HIV infections remained relatively stable.