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My father greedily takes in their scent and wishes they would stay.
Since the onset of the crisis in Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran has supported the popular demands, while warning against the plots which have been hatched on this path, and it has stressed that the usurper Zionist regime is looking greedily at the developments in Syria and their main goal is weakening the Resistance front," Roknabadi said in a meeting with Head of Lebanon's Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) Asa'ad Hardan in Beirut on Saturday.
Children will enjoy the humour she brings to some of the illustrations, for example showing the princesses that the prince found lacking sticking out tongues and picking noses or greedily grabbing cake.
A cat who had just wandered in greedily drank the lot.
A packed crowd greedily absorbed every inch of sound: alt folk which has distinctly evolved, one benefit of extensive gigging.
I have no idea what century his Manual for the Greedily and Unequally Married was written in, but he needs some plain speaking.
O revenue, Qasim Shaukat informed that Soomar Goth was official estate, being greedily eyed by land mafia
If that were true, the bosses wouldn't be greedily taking up these obscene, provocative bonuses at such a sensitive time.
Spectacle existed for its own sake more than in any other sort of theatre, feeding upon itself, growing bigger and bigger, greedily consuming all the resources of technology, money, and manpower it was given.
Blume expertly captures each character''s emotions and I raced through the novel greedily wanting to know what happens next.
We appear now to have a ruling administration at all levels, greedily pushing its own snouts ever deeper in the gravy train trough, the replenishment of which is becoming more worryingly obscure to the working man with each passing week
The Share-a-Not, full of brilliant colour, fantastic characters and eccentric engineering in the Heath Robinson style, is the tale of a selfish, shaggy blue monster who greedily sets out to steal every pet rock in existence.