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Not but that the puff was very nice, for Maggie's palate was not at all obtuse, but she would have gone without it many times over, sooner than Tom should call her greedy and be cross with her.
9) Greed is at its core a disposition (or motivation): greedy people have certain preferences, very intense preferences for a narrow range of goods and services.
This is not surprising since in terms of loss bounds, greedy.
Finally, given the apparently fallen nature of human beings, it isn't clear to me why Zinn expects greedy, ambitious, and increasingly craven politicians to act in other than their own best interests.
The 2000 Alliance for Better Campaigns has issued its Greedy TV Report, ranking TV stations in a national listing of income received from political ads in the period covering Jan.
Like the stereotypical greedy gold miners, though, the partners were soon torn over money.
The report, which restates what most pundits have been saying for years, observes that independent ISPs occupy a precarious position in the food chain, acting as intermediaries between the large greedy owners of networks and the large greedy owners of content.
Dr Cathryn Mellersh, head of canine genetics at the charity, said: "The mutation has been shown to make a dog more greedy and more likely to become obese.
I know from the dressing room that the lads are hungry and greedy and they would like to keep this run going.
Chris Stimson, of LED lighting specialists ENERGYSAVINGLED; Carl Slingsby, from the Greedy Little Pig charcuterie and hog roast company; and Cath AtKins, of travel accessories firm IcKle BocKles were invited to meet Theo at an awards ceremony at Birmingham's International Convention Centre.
As for greedy bankers, again it's this Government who have imposed an annual levy which could create more apprenticeships and revive the housing market - two other problems inherited from Labour.