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Sterling could also face continued weakness should the Bank of England indicate rate hikes are unlikely to come until next year and debt woes continue to force investors into the greenback currency.
Earlier on Thursday, the dollar index, a measure of performance of the greenback against a basket of six major currencies, fell to 73.
Another dealer predicted the price of the greenback would continue to fall.
Moreover, during the period the gold premium on the 1861 Notes reached a peak (August to September 1862 as shown in Figure 1) indicating, according to Calomiris, that the public strongly anticipated revocation, the Treasury was actively withdrawing them from circulation in accordance with the Greenback legislation.
Kuwait -- which dropped its dollar peg in 2007 in favor of a currency basket which includes the greenback -- said that Gulf countries will discuss pegging their planned single currency to a basket instead of the US dollar.
I'm saving to buy an apartment because here prices are set in dollars and it's going to be like that for a long time," said Soledad Orozco, a 35-year-old telecommunications manager in Buenos Aires who holds her savings in greenbacks.
The tremendous moves of the greenback may not last very long.
Due to the mishap, the greenback cutthroat trout population isn't as strong as scientists believed.
This was part of a prolific winning season for Greenback, who posted eight wins and four seconds from 15 attempts.
However, currency analysts we contacted suggested that the outlook for the dollar/yen exchange rate looks set to favor a continued slide in the greenback.
The GREENBACK CUTTHROAT TROUT (Onchorynchus clarki stomias) measures 12-18 inches in length and has larger black spots and more brilliant spawning colors than other cutthroat species.