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Thus, any progress presumes increasing the greenhouse effect, and this is where the problem lies, as those who have achieved progress seek to impose participation and equality in combating emissions, which for developing countries would be equivalent to preventing them from achieving progress.
While carbon monoxide is a contributor to the greenhouse effect, the new graduated Vehicle Excise Duty aims to reduce CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2).
Scientists have known about the greenhouse effect since the 1870s, when it was quantified in experiments by British physicist John Tyndall.
Once the observed surface warming trend is apportioned among natural and anthropogenic influences that have yet to be reliably quantified, the anthropogenic greenhouse effect could be further downsized.
Scientists have issued apocalyptic warnings for years, claiming that gases from cars, power plants and factories are creating a greenhouse effect that will boost the temperature dangerously.
The greenhouse effect has been detected, and it is changing our climate now," he testified, anticipating an increased frequency of extreme climatic events.
8% of the emission of greenhouse effect gas produced by the company in fiscal 2005.
As a result, the process driving variation in carbon dioxide, whether it be ventilation of the ocean or iron fertilization by windblown dust, causes changes in concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide that then becomes an important control on global temperature through the greenhouse effect.
Because they behave like the panes in a greenhouse, they are called greenhouse gases, and their influence on Earth's temperature is called the greenhouse effect.
The climate forcing experiment described in Science was simple in design and concept-all of the non-condensing greenhouse gases and aerosols were zeroed out, and the global climate model was run forward in time to see what would happen to the greenhouse effect.