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With the UK facing a difficult future, its role, and the role of engineering, has never been more important," said Greenish.
In our experiment, the lowest concentration of Pn showed 50% greenish callus and 40% blackish in color, loose in texture (90%), non-embryonic (90%) along with 70% of root formation [Table 1].
The study involved five people who viewed a full-field, homogenous stimulus of either slightly reddish or greenish hue.
Greenish says there are several worthwhile initiatives that are directly aimed at intervening in students' education before they start to make serious career choices.
6 x 4 mm, trigonous, greenish, glabrous; epigynous lacking; placentation apical; ovules obtuse.
The grainy, greenish images showed four officers beating a motorist named Rodney King -- and soon seared their way into public consciousness.
The presentation was clearly in a museum-like minimal aesthetic, but the objects themselves, with their individual greenish faux-bronze patina, recall more the cheap replicas sold in souvenir shops or sitting on mantelpieces in certain living rooms.
The greenish tinge of all their cells means that by injecting them into another animal, their development can be traced easier without the need for biopsy or invasive tests.
From the beginning, Lucy Carter's and Ravi Deepres' slides of empty, slightly greenish rooms are projected behind the dancers.
All individuals were of the greenish type in the three full-sib families between greenish-type female and greenish-type male, whereas all individuals were of the bluish type in the six full-sib families between bluish-type female and bluish-type male.
Gynecologic examination showed greenish, purulent vaginal discharge and a fluctuant mass in the pouch of Douglas.
Witnesses reported that a greenish substance with a heavy bleach smell poured into the water, causing some patrons to vomit.