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They just kind of grew apart and both felt it'd come to an end
Speaking for the first time about the break-up, Shayne, 29, said: "We just grew apart.
New York, June 4 (ANI): Washington Post journalist Sally Quinn, a longtime friend of the Gores, said Al and Tipper just grew apart after 40 years of marriage.
Though the two grew apart as they entered adulthood, they've tried their best to stay in touch, she said.
Canadian Cory, who played Finn Hudson in Glee, grew apart from his dad after his parents divorced when he was seven, but they rekindled their relationship in 2009.
The girls grew apart when Duffy decided to live with her dad.
Eventually they grew apart, due in no small degree to the silver wigged one's penchant for publicity and partying.
But the 45-year-old star, who has thrived on publicity for years while his wife remained notoriously private, said they just grew apart.