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With reasonable prices and a growing range of products, Grey Area appeals to a broad market, from teens to working women, and especially young moms.
And in that grey area the assumption is that the dismissal was wrongful and unjust, and that the employee is entitled to compensation.
The Grey Area App offers the choice to fight on the side of the Animators or Architects, two opposing schools of magic locked in a struggle for power and control.
But if this grey area is a factor in the development of malignant ailments, the money that will be spent on treating the cancers would be much more than what will be needed to move the pylons," said Adamou.
It seems as if there is no grey area any more over challenges inside the box now - penalties are either given or players are booked for diving, yet there are still tussles that could be settled by awarding a free-kick.
This is a grey area so contact me if you have any more problems.
Somewhere in the grey area where pub rock meets new wave, the land inhabited by Dire Straits, Squeeze, Joe Jackson and Nick Lowe (and, perhaps, presided over by the king himself Elvis Costello) lives a man called Graham Parker.
Kevin Dale, CEO of GameAccount commented, "Skill-based online gaming is and will remain a grey area under the UIGEA until tested under federal US law.