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New Delhi [India] Jan 22 ( ANI ): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Monday sent a notice to the Uttar Pradesh government after some policemen refused to take two grievously injured boys to hospital in the police control room (PCR) van.
Eight policemen were grievously injured and were battling for their lives at the local government hospital.
drive like an innocent woman, and injure another expect to be Lloyd "People who drive like this and kill an innocent young woman, and grievously injure another one, must expect to be punished, and punished very severely.
The attackers came within an inch of grievously injuring Kejriwal.
The rods were at the eye level of a sedan car and sudden breaking could have grievously injured the front passenger in the car behind the truck.
I cannot explain how Americans, who suffered so grievously at the hands of al-Qaeda, were tricked into supporting the 'jihadists'," he went on to say in his letter.
Two others were grievously wounded and are being treated at a local hospital.
Passers-by and witnesses called the police and paramedics who took the grievously injured Mr Deb to the BDF Hospital.
HE coalition Government's Tplans for House of Lords reform could be grievously damaged by MPs today.
THE Government was keen to tell us that last week's public sector strikes would grievously damage the economy - but, as so often in the world of economics, it's not that simple.
She was grievously injured - the attack left her blind, severed her nose and cost her nine fingers.
They need to investigate and make public the details of what amounts to a cheating scandal, and then hold accountable those responsible for these grievously wrong responses to a critical education test.