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When his latest scam goes horribly wrong,leaving Jake in debt to vicious crime lord Mr King (Hoffman)for more than 150,000 dollars, the talented grifter attempts the biggest con of his life.
A Grifter was built for life, not just for poncing around outside the local shops like the Chopper.
In a nutshell: Con artist trains younger grifter on the day of the biggest scam of their lives in this unbelievably plotted but emotionally credible remake of the Argentine suspenser ``Nine Queens.
EXPERT conmen and grifters are heading to Warwickshire, but there's no need to panic .
Raleigh Grifter could fetch good money Vintage Sunbeam.
King sends along his right-hand man to ensure everything goes to plan, while Jake enlists the services of sexy grifter Lily (Weisz).
The casino's current owner claims Charlie was the first grifter the Wendells caught.
Famous models like the Grifter and Burner BMX range followed.
The gang is led by former insurance investigator Nate Ford (Hutton), and his group includes Sophie Devereaux (Bellman), a grifter who uses her acting skills to corner her marks.
A GRIFTER who tricked people into paying hundreds of pounds for laptop cases full of fizzy drinks has been jailed.
Yate's noir thriller Seven Times Lucky, starring New Waterford Girl's Liane Balaban as an Artful Dodger named Fiona who teams with an older grifter, played by American character actor Kevin Pollak.