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Hustle (BBC1, 9pm) Tonight the hustlers are mourning the death of an old grifting pal, but it is revealed that their old acquaintance has faked his own death because he is in financial trouble.
King Con has been conned and grifting laws state that if a grifter is ripped off, he is guaranteed a run of bad luck.
He has a regular TV role as Wayne Malloy, the grifting paterfamilias in the midst of an existential crisis in HBO drama series The Riches, while in the film stakes he has starred alongside Tom Cruise - in Valkyrie, a role he was asked to do, he proudly points out - and Al Pacino.
an NFL referee infamous for a recent bad call; two-bit grifting brothers Duane and Blaine Cody (Seth Green and Vince Vileuf); family vacationers Randy and Beverly Pear (Jon Lovitz and Kathy Najimy); uptight young lawyer Nick Shaffer (Breckin Meyer); narcoleptic Italian tourist Mr.
How do you explain the ethics of the grifting in this show?