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Mr Grimmer said it is currently the breeding season for octopuses, and he suspected that the creature was female and was weak after laying her eggs.
The picture will get far grimmer as recession bears down on revenue streams such as corporation tax and stamp duty, while unemployment heading towards three million leads to soaring benefit payouts.
ARTIST Nigel Grimmer will be giving a free talk about his work at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum at 1pm on Tuesday.
So-so, predictable crime procedural, only, like ``Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,'' grimmer and more sadistic.
Donny Harrel, who led Lane Community College to its fourth Southern Division title in seven years, was named coach of the year and pitcher Troy Grimmer was named the MVP in the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges baseball awards.
And none grimmer,at times, thanin the capital city of Wales.
But look more closely and the scenery becomes a whole lot grimmer.
Devotees can purchase mugs, T-shirts and computer-mouse mats when they visit the Ugly Walsall website to catch up on the borough's grimmer areas.
But," grimmer counters, "it is highly desirable for black-owned firms to look for opportunities in trying to develop relations with major firms where they can get some business.
Of course, the situation is much grimmer in the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Atlas Copco North America LLC, USA, has signed an agreement with Grimmer Industries Inc.
One government official added: "Unfortunately, we could see a grimmer picture.