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Maybe it has always been so: even in the dark days of the 1980s Liverpool's supposedly grim reputation was at its grimmest at home, while the worldwide image was still one of the Beatles and football rather than riots and dereliction.
The journeys to take four millions tons of supplies to the north of Russia were considered the grimmest convoys because of the dangers and sub-zero conditions.
Secure all three of these at once and you have a snuggle hat- trick guaranteed to turn the grimmest night into a soft zone.
The famous names were the grimmest out of 138 jails in England and Wales in a Prison Service survey.
There's nothing morally wrong with using black comedy to undermine the grimmest and sickest of situations.
He said: "The London Marathon was the grimmest thing I have ever done.
Italian troops entered the city of Pec, the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and the scene of some of the grimmest accounts of slaughter in recent months.
The main culprit on this grimmest day in the Dons' decline was record- signing Robbie Winters, who missed three clear-cut chances, and at the final whistle the furious fans jeered Aberdeen from the field and they earned every word of recrimination.
As he delivered his view on the grimmest of economic news, he tried to deflect attention from his bankrupt policies by blaming it all on the big December freeze.
The Welsh Assembly's shadow economy minister David Melding said: "This is the grimmest confirmation so far Wales faces a nasty and deep recession.
com: 'This is the grimmest time ever-farmers can't take any more':Helen Tongue rears pork from up to 30 Welsh pig sows, but wonders whether she will still be doing it this time next year.