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Carlene Laird has been grinding her teeth at night for so many years, she even remembers as a child her mother telling her the grating noise traveled through walls, waking both her parents.
VORTEX technology, which represents a complete breakthrough from classical porous wheel technologies, achieves optimum grain spacing without artificial pore inducers and delivers wheels that excel in grinding applications when applied to vitrified products with large contact areas.
Also blast mills, pinned-disc mills, universal mills, and classifier mills for fine grinding, plus fluidized-bed jet mills for ultrafine grinding down to 2 microns.
Programming allows the operator to teach the grinding system to automatically execute the same operations that would be performed manually.
Mark Waymouth, aerospace market manager for Makino, says: "Makino has spent more than six years researching and developing flexible grinding solutions across our HMC platforms.
in his presentation, "Maximizing Pressure-Assisted Gate Removal Operations," the application of high pressures at a constant feed rate with a hydraulic or motorized feed system allows fast material removal rates with the added benefits of increased belt life, cooler grinding temperatures and improved dimensional tolerance.
Since it opened in 1993, the 30,000 square foot HGTC facility's goal has been to develop innovative grinding solutions through collaborative alliances with machine tool builders, coolant suppliers and other suppliers to the abrasives industry, together with its own grinding experts and that of the end users who use high performance grinding processes in their production operations.
The Soap brand, almost synonymous with grinding (also known as "soaping"), has suffered from neglect of late.
CK and CT series have tangential-cutting chambers for grinding bulky parts.
The process, referred to as "performance mapping", utilizes detailed grinding performance data and mathematical algorithms generated by a computer to very quickly and simply show the optimum operating parameters for any type of abrasive product.
The automatic transfer of the casting to the grinding or cutoff workstation may use belt or vibrating conveyors, overhead monorail or power and free conveyors, indexing or walking beam mechanisms to transfer and position castings at the workstation.
Trim-press granulators are for grinding thermoforming skeletons in-line or out-of-line.