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He fell as an oak, or poplar, or pine which shipwrights have felled for ship's timber upon the mountains with whetted axes--even thus did he lie full length in front of his chariot and horses, grinding his teeth and clutching at the bloodstained dust.
Herrman joined the Company in 1989 as Senior Vice President of Gardner Disc Grinding and Abrasives, and has more than 30 years' experience in manufacturing and engineering.
Total grinding cost is a combination of abrasive costs and labor and overhead costs.
Manufactures pulverizers for grinding thermoplastics and other heat-sensitive materials into powders from 10 to 80 mesh, and finer, for rotomolding, fluidized-bed and other applications.
Robots are also applied to move castings through the grinding operations.
Mill grinding components easily interchanged, depending on material and particle size requirements.
Norton Abrasives was recently awarded a broad business process patent for technology that is used to determine the optimum set-up for a specific grinding application.
Changes began to appear in the form of simple fixtures that could orient a part for easier access by various pneumatic and power saws, grinding wheels, chippers and hammers.
Company's single- or double-runner attrition mills are designed for a wide variety of grinding applications.
com/research/2d2n6z/global_high) has announced the addition of the "Global High Chrome Steel Grinding Media Balls Industry Report 2014" report to their offering.
The new CC-GRIND SOLID grinding discs offer the ultimate in stock removal when grinding steel resulting in a 40 percent greater economic value when compared with reinforced grinding wheels.
Speed stroke grinding keeps the heat out of the part, which allows materials like titanium to be ground.