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If you have trouble mounting the deflector to the exhaust grate of the towing tank, try grinding down the deflector's lower hook a bit to help it fit.
But the veteran Scotland captain insisted his team-mates were the real heroes after grinding down Kingussie for most of the game.
The duo went into today's second session locked at 4-4 ( but Ebdon is renowned for grinding down opponents and play visibly slowed during the second batch of four frames which occupied nearly two and a half hours.
1 Trojans grinding down Arizona at the Coliseum on a day when more than 175,000 fans watched college football in Los Angeles County, smashing the previous USC-UCLA combined record.
They also operate "nagging" software that opens every page of a site, grinding down a company's server.
But it was the sight of the shining grey grinding down Yahoo up the rain-sodden Cheltenham hill that burned the brightest in the public affection.
THE war against al Qaida and Taliban fighters inside Afghanistan is ``all but won'' and offensive operations by the US-led forces are grinding down as a result.