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The classic line of planetary mills is suited for rapid loss-free ultra-fine grinding down to colloidal fineness of hard to soft materials dry or in suspension.
If you have trouble mounting the deflector to the exhaust grate of the towing tank, try grinding down the deflector's lower hook a bit to help it fit.
But the veteran Scotland captain insisted his team-mates were the real heroes after grinding down Kingussie for most of the game.
1 Trojans grinding down Arizona at the Coliseum on a day when more than 175,000 fans watched college football in Los Angeles County, smashing the previous USC-UCLA combined record.
They also operate "nagging" software that opens every page of a site, grinding down a company's server.
But it was the sight of the shining grey grinding down Yahoo up the rain-sodden Cheltenham hill that burned the brightest in the public affection.
THE war against al Qaida and Taliban fighters inside Afghanistan is ``all but won'' and offensive operations by the US-led forces are grinding down as a result.