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So little Stanislovas went on, sobbing as he talked; and Jurgis stood, gripping the table tightly, saying not a word, but feeling that his head would burst; it was like having weights piled upon him, one after another, crushing the life out of him.
Carthoris smiled, gripping his long-sword the more firmly.
It will all have to be done over again if I let Albert go for a moment, so, gripping him hard, I shout indignantly that I have not seen the carrot-grater.
His knees shook, but he gathered all his moral forces, and gripping his sword more tightly in his trembling fingers prepared to leap across the chamber upon the horrid apparition.
Before him, on a couch, the woman lay, and on top of her was Paulvitch, his fingers gripping the fair throat, while his victim's hands beat futilely at his face, tearing desperately at the cruel fingers that were forcing the life from her.
Da Souza remained in his chair, his eyes blinking as though with the sun, and his hands gripping nervously the sides of his chair.
She sat quite still, gripping her little lace handkerchief in her fingers.
He remained behind the partition, gripping the packet tightly.
All places are to me simply a battle-field," she answered, gripping first one and then the other with a grip which crumpled up their little thin fingers.
Now you watch me, Maria," he said, stripping off to his undershirt and gripping an iron that was what he called "really hot.
You first," the captain cried, gripping him by the shoulder and almost throwing him over the rail.