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Rebecca Gomperts' work forcefully illustrates the possibilities, and Diana Whitten has grippingly told the story.
Gupta isn't the only one dreaming of a ticket to the chaotic but grippingly interesting world of politics in India.
Her book retells all READERS' the key tales succinctly and grippingly, and was the perfect background guide for fully appreciating not just Homer and Virgil but also Shakespeare and all the classic writers.
However, while Min grippingly describes the drudgery and hardships of her early life in the United States, she loses some steam after finding happiness with a Vietnam veteran (thanks to a local dating agency) and publishes her first book, which becomes a best seller.
When her friend vanishes, Hannah must gain the courage and ability to solve the mystery in this different and grippingly unpredictable story, perfect for any mystery holding.
It veers between wonderfully tense and grippingly intelligent and is brimming with a series of terrific performances.
Shakespeare grippingly immortalised Richard III, a hunchbacked king betrayed, unhorsed and surrounded by enemies and finally calling out one of the Bard's best known lines: "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.
It is also grippingly told and the reader could be forgiven for thinking they were enjoying a piece of well-crafted fiction--except unfortunately, it is all too clearly true.
Such effects are the director's forte, and he uses image and sound both subtly and grippingly to affect the viewer on a subconscious level, often hinting at more ominous details that others have overlooked to their detriment.
A politician's speech which gradually morphs from the words of an (almost) reasonable man to a hate-mongering racist is grippingly sinister.
They hoped to teach the teenagers more about this grippingly gruesome field of modern medicine - and maybe even convince some of them to consider a career in pathology.
99) is another grippingly bloody and graphically violent thriller from the aptly-named author.