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There's no hint that one of the clan's grislier murders of the 1990s was carried out not far away, when Riina's right-hand man Giovanni Brusca strangled the young Giusepppe di Matteo and dissolved his body in acid to punish the teenager's father for turning into a snitch.
Sir Francis's suicide is one of the grislier deaths in Waugh's fiction, for though the narrator's eye does not see the moment of death, the remembrance is vividly described.
As outrageous as "Antichrist's" torture scenes may seem, I believe there's nothing in here grislier than Ruggero Deodato's "Cannibal Holocaust" (1980).
For instance, Christopher omitted a fuller and more powerful account of Melkor's attack on Formenos, with the much grislier details recounted to Feanor by his own son (106-7).
He's often handed off grislier cases - sexual assaults, heinous domestic crimes - to other detectives, but he has certainly seen his share.