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A spokesman said: "We have stockpiled the grit in our depots ready for the winter.
The council is using weather forecasting and road surface temperature sensors to determine when and where to grit when road surface temperatures are expected to fall below zero.
The region's councils have readied themselves for the icy weather, with more than 100,000 tonnes of grit in stock as winter approaches.
The snow warden plans include provision of an extra grit bin which holds one and a half tonnes of salt grit.
The number of grit bins cannot be sustained because they are diverting valuable resources needed to keep the main highway network clear," Coun Ward said.
Quad bikes could even be used to spread grit on pavements, while the normal gritting wagons will be used to try to keep the roads clear.
convertible loan note with GRIT for $5,000,000 and will receive
Although paths were cleared, no grit was put down until Tuesday - and the car park wasn't touched.
As national grit stocks reached crisis point last night, Birmingham City Council came clean about its own shortage, revealing it has enough to last only until the beginning of the week.
I WOULD like to ask Middlesbrough Council where have all the yellow grit bins gone?
I know there's a crumbling economy and a war in Afghanistan, but isn't there a few quid left in this bankrupt country to offer us discounted snow tyres and a proper stockpile of grit and salt?