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But the strain of the last fortnight showed as he smiled for the camera through gritted teeth.
Through gritted teeth he told Lee: "You are such a nice bloke.
KNOWING Racing Post's aversion to flapping, it is through gritted teeth we publicise (free
Barclays may be smiling through gritted teeth but the Inland Revenue is baring its gnashers to take a snap at all PEPs.
A radiant keyboard riff undercuts the lyrical despondency in such jolly bouncy style that listeners' grins will soon be replaced by gritted teeth.
Trouble is, he's got four kids who like to play and, he added through gritted teeth, dropped things on the carpet after he'd hoovered up.
OSCAR favourites Kate Winslet and Freida Pinto practise their gritted teeth expressions for Oscar night.
Forcing reckless fat cats to say "sorry" through gritted teeth will be cold comfort to the tens of thousands added to the dole.
So it is through gritted teeth that I must report that Piers Morgan is an infuriating triumph at Good Morning Britain.
It's what I've always wanted," says Sharon through gritted teeth.
Then there were those five Dirty Harry films and his catchphrase, delivered with narrowed eyes and gritted teeth, 'Do you feel lucky, punk?
THIS WEEK'S CRUSH Even if the last time you read Romeo and Juliet was through gritted teeth at school, now you're older and wiser, you may get more out of it.