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Producing quality semi-solids literally boils down to five key physical characteristics: homogeneity, particle distribution, spreadability, grittiness and use of surfactants.
But his first solo album, Rhythm and Repose was kind of a dud, a subdued collection of songs surprisingly devoid of the grittiness of his earlier work.
Or maybe, we are all Webermans now, thanks to the Internet, which flushed away the grittiness of a true oppositional culture down the social media toilet bowl.
He has the suaveness of Roger Moore, the grittiness of Sean Connery.
The grittiness of the drama will appeal to many young readers, some of whom may be learning to cope with their own issues, not necessarily on the same scale as Amber's, but also emotionally difficult--and perhaps Amber's happy, or at least not completely unhappy ending can prove that in some and hopefully most cases there is a chance that things will get better if they find the strength to seek help when their problems become unbearable.
Wheeler's use of the black and white conveys both that grittiness that Phillips notes as well as the clarity of Hemingway's prose style.
The judges were impressed by the guts and grittiness in her voice, with Rita adding that the 24-year-old van-driver "owned the stage".
David Brown, who will discuss the power of music, lament and the grittiness in the contemporary spiritual journey.
Though the region's grittiness isn't fictional, Levin hopes to offer what he describes as "the real Detroit that I know and where tons of young people are doing amazing things.
It was his grittiness and determination to succeed that helped him to achieve his law degree and to set up his own practice.
I want our students to embrace the grittiness of design; to have the technical prowess of knowing how to build a design.