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Most of his work is in colour but in recent years he has taken to working with a black and white palette to capture the atmosphere of the subjects and reflecting the grittiness of the environment.
One of Ireland's most remarkable fiction writers, she injects new blood into its lyrical tradition, uniting the strength of the old with the grittiness of the new.
The charming grittiness of the venue combined with the band's down to earth lyrics, their contagiously exuberant performance and the conviction of their Glaswegian following creates a chemistry that seems hard to imagine elsewhere.
Davis is grittiness itself right now and has used all his experience to carve out back-to-back quarter-final appearances in the last two ranking events.
Teams spent four weekends in and around central Birmingham asking people if their eyes had some of the typical sensations of dry eye such as grittiness, itchiness, stickiness or burning.
It doesn't have Matt Damon's likeness and the narrative takes a lot of liberties with the storytelling, but it manages to retain just enough of the movie's grittiness and action packed thrills.
Recorded at the legendary Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Scene manages to retain the sharp grittiness of that outfit's mid-1960s sound, yet is steeped in LaVette's refusal to exist as some venerated relic.
Prodigy, one of hip hop's legendary lyricists said, "I am proud to be able to provide a lyrical picture which defines the grittiness and lawlessness in Liberty City, the latest city exposed in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.
Zielinski's attempts at serving up grunge and grittiness largely fall flat.
If you take the starting point of the record, the sound and environment of the city, it would be hard to not have some of the darkness of urban life come in there, to capture the grime and grittiness.
Steeped in the traditional forms, they move one step away from the grittiness of their roots to a celestial sphere where they burn coldly.
Note the time on the clock when you begin to feel eye discomfort (burning, grittiness, dryness.