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In North Tyneside, 6,000 tonnes of salt have been delivered while 12 gritting vehicles have been readied to treat main roads and bus routes.
uk/crimeprevention-and-emergencies/ extreme-weather/ and gritting information can be found at liverpool.
Luke Bosdet, AA public affairs officer, said: "Many callers from Wales asked how much money local authorities were putting into gritting.
The Telegraph was contacted by residents surprised to see council lorries gritting the EU Matics factory car park in Herald Avenue, Tile Hill, last week.
But since that delivery, the city's 35 gritting machines have been working round the clock.
THIEVES are putting the skids under gritting plans by stealing from roadside bins in a town.
COUNCIL officers are reviewing gritting policy ahead of winter.
Reference number attributed to the notice by the contracting authority: Provision of Gritting Services
At present, only purpose-built or adapted gritting wagons can use red diesel when carrying out gritting operations.
Councils have to be led by the nose when it comes to the simple things in life - and gritting is one of them.
PEOPLE in Sefton keep moaning about the lack of gritting on Sefton's roads.
This year we have requested additional gritting of side streets, additional grit bins and for regular re-filling of existing grit bins.