gross return

See: income
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Investors averaged a gross profit of $75,990 per flip, a 36 percent gross return on the initial investment--not including rehab costs and other expenses.
The Small Cap Growth Strategy had a particularly strong quarter, posting a gross return of 6.
The Enhanced Large Cap Core Strategy managed by the Quantitative Team in Cleveland produced strong performance results this quarter with a gross return of 1.
LETTING a property could give you a gross return of up to 11.
14 per lane-mile) and the high end of the revenue range ($764,400 per lane-mile), the gross return on investment is 35.
The strategy will target an annualized average gross return over the long term of between 2.
Similarly, crop yield was multiplied with corresponding prices to get gross returns per hectare at farm harvest prices.
The probability of actual yield and gross returns per hectare falling 5 percent or more below their respective trend values were also estimated as:
In our approach, we calculated risk equivalent price, which can be defined as an increase in output prices needed to compensate the shortfall in gross returns per hectare.
Expected annual negative Average absolute Probability of Deviation f(for yield risk) = deviation in yield X shortfall in yield Expected annual negative Average absolute Probability of Deviation (for yield and = deviation in gross X shortfall in Price risk) returns per hectare gross returns
The S&P 500 includes the reinvestment of all dividends, no transaction costs, and represents the gross returns before management fees.
In the North West, Paragon Mortgages' investment customers report gross returns of 14.