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The difference, of course, is that while Allen's film character grotesquely altered his physical appearance and worldviews so he would be liked, Reed's radical shifts have been determined by desire to duck expectations, to shake up and subvert established forms of normalcy.
They loiter and threaten as if with minds of their own Menacing and destructive, grotesquely overgrown.
Mr Hobson does not make it clear whether he is pleased or sorry that the dream is over, but as a life-long believer in independence, democracy and our centuries-old freedoms that would have perished within that totalitarian - yet grotesquely incompetent - nightmare, I could not be more delighted, while also desperately sorry for the millions who have suffered and will suffer more before freedom flourishes again and with it prosperity and hope.
THE police officer killed by a bomb in Omagh on Saturday was brutally and grotesquely murdered, a detective leading the investigation has said.
It is all verywellwringing our hands at the almostweekly poignant processions of our young dead soldiers throughWootton Bassett (not to mention the scores of grotesquely wounded).
HOW dreadfully sorry I was for the parents of the two French students murdered so grotesquely in their London flat.
Any prize for war making could well have seen Mr Blair in the running, but this award seems grotesquely out of line with the facts, as well as the attitudes and policies displayed by Gordon Brown's predecessor.
Scotland has a whole parliament with a grotesquely expensive parliament building.
Each character in turn narrates his or her take on the Trade; the story is often grotesquely violent, including rape scenes, and Wray never shies away from candidly portraying the starkest racism.
Supporters of this ill-conceived concept will claim that 'unusual weather patterns' have been responsible for the grotesquely high non-runner count.
The fundamental task of the military is to fight and kill the enemies of the United States, and fighting and killing is a grotesquely brutal experience.