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2 The grotesqueness of Yuh's work is a manifestation of the punctum of the soul, by which he was possessed; that is, the "return to the repressed", using Freud's term, or the "return to the real", based on Lacan's view.
All aspects of carnival laughter such as grotesqueness and ambivalence distinguish themselves from other forms of laughter through their dual natures.
The world where Miss Lonelyhearts takes place is permeated by marks of the decay that distinguish black humor from grotesqueness.
With respect to the meaning and commercial impression of the marks at issue, United Trademark argued that the combination of the term Zombie with Cinderella has a transformative effect in that its mark juxtaposes the grotesqueness of a monster commonly portrayed in horror films with the beauty and innocence of a classic fairytale princess, giving it a unique and incongruous meaning and overall commercial impression.
In Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, the compositional heteroglossia can thus be said to provide the basis of a shared ethics of vulnerability, as Ilka Saal suggests (2011: 464); however, this is not to be understood in terms of a complete equality of experience and its literary representation, as witnesses from World War II supply what remains outside the field of vision of the external witness of 9/11, and to a certain extent a taboo in official commemoration of the attacks: the actual individual suffering and inhuman grotesqueness of violence at that scale.
Focusing on Dickens's theatrical aesthetics and the physical oddities of his characters such as Quilp, Nell, Little Dorrit, and Jenny Wren, Craton posits that Dickens portrayed his characters' grotesqueness and littleness in highly visual, spectacular, and sentimental terms in order to perform his social criticism through the visual if not freakish impact of his novels.
It is also patently clear from what she shows and tells in Lesiones incompatibles contra la vida and Yo no soy bonita, two shorter "acciones" or happenings that, as mentioned, coincide more or less with her "Actos de resistencia contra la muerte" (Desobediencia), that such projections correspond to what the world has made of her, in spite of herself, a "protesta" in short, a living, breathing embodiment of the grotesqueness that we have begotten and that she hurls right back at us:
Commenting on Fry's performance, he said: "Contrary to most versions of Twelfth Night, the foibles of these characters are never exaggerated into grotesqueness, just as the men playing women do not speak in falsettos or flounce about.
The grotesqueness of his figures' visages is in contrast with the predominantly pastel--and jewel-toned palette and the artist's use of decorative patterns.
The charity girl Lionel and Adrian discover in London also performs a spectacle of grotesqueness, 'dancing, waltzing, and singing .
18) The hollowness of state power therefore enables the constitution of a "laughing space" as a space which makes it possible to poke fun at the melodramatic grotesqueness of the commandment "outside the limit set by officialdom.
The oratorio for solo soprano, tenor and baritone, mixed chorus and boys' choir, full and chamber orchestras and organ blends the gravity of war atrocities with the absurdity of their everydayness, piety with grotesqueness.