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Shown live on television, a 10m-wide drill ceremonially ground away the last few centimetres of rock.
The man's shoes were lying on the ground away from his body while there was a plastic bag with bananas and two half-eaten ones near a tree that shaded the body.
Old Trafford is my favourite ground away from home," Arteta told evertonTV.
Winning rider Ryan Moore added of the 9-2 favourite: "He's travelled a lot better than I thought he would and when he's knuckled down he's just ground away at the other horse.
Barbecues should be sited on level ground away from houses, sheds, fences, and overhanging trees and shrubs and where people do not have to squeeze past it.
As one layer is ground away, a new abrasive-impregnated layer is revealed.
The aircraft, a replica of the Spirit of St Louis in which Charles Lindbergh made the first flight from New York toParis in 1927,hit the ground away from the crowd and none of the spectators was injured.
You bit on the end of her finger and ground away until you bit the end off, and you are very close to a custodial sentence.
We have attempted to wrestle the high ground away from the conservative wing and to ask Americans to rethink their assumptions about right and wrong.
After prying it out with chisels, Whistler's crew will take the hardened ``cocoon'' of plaster back to the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, where the rock will be ground away from beneath the embedded tusk with air-driven chisels, a process that takes a couple of months.
Never stay inside a mobile home or take shelter beneath one; go to the nearest shelter or take cover in a ditch or depression in the ground away from the home.
He kept jumping to the left and throwing ground away.