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One would suspect that in this case, the split in the ground plane would result in a completely open circuit, with all of the ground current reflected back toward the signal source.
We are witness to what happens when we have no ground currents.
Nonetheless, contact injury, side flash (splash), and ground current electrocution are also mechanisms by which lightning causes electrical injury.
Improper wiring can inject ground currents onto metal conduits, water pipes, building steel and heating/ventilating/air-conditioning (HVAC) ducts, Regardless of the location of the source, be it in the basement or the 15th floor, these fields can be a challenge throughout a building.
National Electric Code wiring violations can inject ground currents onto the metal conduits, water pipes, building steel, and HVAC ducts, generating EMI problems throughout the building.
Adding return path vias while routing differential pairs, ensuring a ground current return path for differential pair vias
com)-- Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, announces immediate availability of the NCP59x Series of high precision, low ground current voltage regulators from On Semiconductor.
While rim arrays were used to prevent lightning strikes to floating roof storage tanks, multiple Retractable Grounding Assemblies [TM] were deployed to prevent arcing at the gap between the seal of the floating roof and the tank wall, caused by lightning storm and ground current activity.
The Micrel device also features a light load LDO mode with only 20uA of ground current.
The MIC5319 builds on the popularity of our highly successful MIC5219 chip, while offering improved dropout, PSRR and ground current specifications and, in addition, low-ESR ceramic cap operation, which extends operation into a wider application base," noted Steve Knoth, LDO product marketing manager, Micrel.