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An intuitive understanding of the ground current path, as presented above, can help predict the effect of a split plane on performance.
In order to enhance dynamic parameters and still main ain ultra--low IQ, a new breed of LDOs which implement a technique called adaptive ground current arc now entering the market.
Also, unlike some other systems, the Cat VFD does not cause EMC effects such as over-voltages, reflection waves, or other unwanted ground currents or network disturbances.
18) Dahlberg suggests that the proliferation of electrical generation and distribution systems is responsible for radically altering the nature of the ground currents flowing in the uppermost layer of the earth.
Alset Corporation says its Lightning Shield protects telecommunications and other electronic equipment installed in rural pipeline and field sites from the harmful ground currents caused by nearby lightning strikes.
Microstar Laboratories (Bellevue, WA) introduces a new data acquisiton processing board, MSXB 075, that eliminates ground currents and phase erros.
In addition, users can design out two potential problems, ground currents and phase errors, from the analog outputs in an application.
Another way is placing low-inductance decoupling capacitors as close as possible to the IC to localize the higher frequency components of the switching power and ground currents near the chip, and not through the net inductance of the ground planes.
Multiple ground paths set up ground currents traveling in different directions.
So can the chassis of major applicances -- such as refrigerators, TVs, water heaters, and furnaces -- when they become a conduit for ground currents.
The correct approach is never to allow ground currents to flow in high-impedance input wiring.