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With a distorted view of logic and nature, Hegel groundlessly expands the absolute essence into the realm of the absolute existent and assumes that the former encapsulates the latter.
When the apartments are placed to the market, they are often groundlessly described as high standard flats, promising high quality building, healthy environment, ecological materials and exceptional comfort.
interim envoy in Japan said Thursday that Washington is ''not happy'' as Tokyo has groundlessly continued to restrict U.
Up to 2,500 others chanted groundlessly that he had HIV.
But until now CGDC has not seen any document whatsoever provided by Think Services; on the contrary, Think Services has groundlessly and continuously publicly discrediting CGPA through the media controlled by it.
New Delhi, Feb 26 (ANI): The US State Department has interfered with the internal affairs of China and some other countries again, groundlessly criticizing them in its 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices presented to the US Congress on Wednesday.
At the Tory conference of 1991 during a previous economic downturn, the then Chancellor, Norman Lamont, claimed - groundlessly - to have detected "the green shoots of economic spring".
If "Naught may endure but Mutability," "To Wordsworth" has merely taken its subject to task for pretending a solution for--or supposing it had answered--the same problem from which Shelley himself sought groundlessly to escape (92).
First of all, people who endorse the splitting of a certain province from a sovereign country, and who groundlessly air strike another sovereign nation, force a regime change and send the nation's president to capital punishment, have no right to represent the 'international community' and try to pressure Russia into anything,'' he said.
Pipes did not gain his fame in radicalism groundlessly.
Most traumatically, many Italians, especially the most prominent, even if naturalized Australians, or even born in Australia, were groundlessly interned as "enemy aliens" during the war years 1940-43 (Rando, "Italo-Australians" 2-51; Elkner et al.
The same day in Rome, Vatican spokesman Joaquim Navarro Valls issued a statement expressing surprise that the "Holy Father's intention should have been thus groundlessly misinterpreted.