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Brown's stance makes him look weak - and such groveling from such a bright, talented man is a sad sight.
I've put the URLs for some of them at the end of this piece but will focus on the one from Hitachi for now--mostly because our esteemed leader and publisher may well be reading this and feeling generous and well disposed to my humble groveling.
Washington reporters compared the groveling retraction to the forced confessions political prisoners were required to make before being executed in the old Soviet Union.
While Prentice seems subservient at first, within a month his conniving and sinister nature enables him to change places with his eventually groveling employer.
I opined, sir, that faith works in tandem with groveling.
The authors call this "the biggest and best such package since the deficit went out of control in the mid 1970s" But Bush virtually disowned it, groveling to GOP conservatives who never forgave him.