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THE bishop who branded Wills and Kate "shallow celebrities" made a grovelling apology yesterday.
It's why we've got a "Royal" family - no more extraordinary than most people's families - to whom we donate lots of big houses manned by grovelling flunkies, as well as paying, out of our hard-won salaries, for the privilege of being reduced to a nation of creeping toadies.
But last night, the Tory peer was forced to backtrack - and issued a grovelling apology to Cameron.
The Prince of Wales, once famously described by the comic as a "little grovelling bastard", was "deeply saddened to hear the news".
IT'S just wonderful to see both Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart grovelling to their respective women and begging them to take them back.
After Mr Cameron ordered the ex-banker to make a grovelling apology but kept him in his job, Labour leader Miliband said: "If David Cameron had the judgement, if he had the right strength, he would get rid of Lord Freud.
MADJID BOUGHERRA last night issued a grovelling public apology to Algeria after their African Nations Cup humiliation.
It might take a lot of grovelling and apologies but if you are genuinely sorry and your boss rates you it might just happen.
WHAT a grovelling, snivelling little twerp former Royal butler Paul Burrell is.
NOT surprisingly, pompous twit Boris Johnson got a hiding when he went grovelling to Liverpool.
SO, the gates at St Andrew's drop by few thousand disgruntled supporters who have the sense to vote with their feet, and money-mad Mr Sullivan and his cronies take out an embarrassing full page ad in the newspaper grovelling for support.