grow less

References in classic literature ?
Full soon his property took wings: And daily, as each treasure went, He sighed to find the state of things Grow less and less convenient.
People tend to fall more often as they get older because their sensory systems grow less sensitive.
They grow less maize than before since they can no longer afford to rent the extra plot of land.
They lie on a slatted floor, wallow in urine, eat less, and grow less as well.
Established plum trees should not be heavily pruned, except for rapidly growing water sprouts, since they produce fruit on spurs, which grow less than an inch a year, on older wood.
As the economy grows flat and businesses grow less, we feel that impact, but we still have opportunity to make that up through market share,' said Dunmire.
Budget and Control Board and a North Carolina consulting firm, Joyce engineering, which estimate the county's population will grow less, and generate only 157,000 tons of construction debris.
Work is ongoing and soon there will be the addition of a poly tunnel which will enable the children to grow less hardy fruit and vegetables.
Inflation has grown ominously in the Philippines, according to the IMF, but will grow less in 2007.
Britain expanded its LNG import capacity last year to diversify sources and grow less dependent on North Sea supply.
I am but a blonde gentleman, cursed by hairs that grow less like weeds, more like endangered ice-plants, or magic marker sketches.
SINGAPORE, Jumada II 20, 1433, May 11, 2012, SPA -- Oil prices fell to below $96 a barrel Friday in Asia amid concern global crude demand will grow less this year than previously expected, according to AP.