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As they have reduced reliance on Di-Syston, growers have increased the spread of other insecticides, including Dimethoate, Lindane and Asana, all slightly or moderately toxic chemicals.
In 1959, Colombia's coffee growers introduced the image of a smiling Juan Valdez and his mule, Conchita, to the public.
The conclusion is apparently strengthened in the IRS's view by the fact that a grower that patronizes more than one of the three members is still limited to a single vote.
Strawberry growers were out salvaging what they could over the weekend, Laird said.
Other factors that were found to generate grower satisfaction include higher numbers of processing firms available as buyers, lower percentages of the apple crop sold as processed apples, fewer times selling to processing firms without an agreed-upon price, lower percentage of the fresh apple crop from packing house culls and membership in an apple processing cooperative that meets members' marketing needs.
But, alas, things have been difficult for arabica growers, too.
The survey confirmed that corn growers are practicing good stewardship and properly following Insect Resistance Management (IRM) requirements to help avoid corn insect pests, such as the European corn borer, from developing resistance to Bt corn.
Precision Agriculture will someday soon allow a grower the ability to place seed and chemical inputs in precise locations in order to improve grain yield, grain quality, and reduce off-site environmental impacts," said Illinois corn grower Leon Corzine, a National Corn Growers Association board member.
The fact is that growth, even double-digit growth, is possible in virtually any industry (see chart on following page) - if the growers themselves have found the way to unleash their potential.
How Saatchi & Saatchi and Blue Diamond Growers market worldwide
Each year, our growers and winemakers work hard to deliver intensely concentrated flavors and unique character that has come to be associated with Barossa Valley Estate, and this year is no different.
In advance of the product's launch, we held two summits with prominent nematologists, where they helped us properly position the product and set realistic grower expectations.