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With growing pains, it's the opposite and you'll probably find the first thing they'll want is a cuddle.
Parents of children with apparent growing pains may want to try a vitamin D supplement.
Growing pains are considered to be a temporary, benign condition that affects children aged 2-6 years.
Growing pains seem to hurt the most in the front of your thighs (your upper leg), or in your calves (the backs of your lower legs).
color) After leading Valencia to four Foothill League titles and competing on Santa Monica Beach Club -- one of Southern California's most successful club volleyball teams -- for the past seven years, Taryn Robertson has endured some growing pains during the first 11 matches of her college career.
A leg with growing pains looks like any other leg; the pain doesn't show.
Growing pains always concentrate in the muscles, rather than the joints.
Growing pains of the 10-year-old organization are subsiding, allowing for growth and new programs.
Edward Droste of Grizzly Bear: I came out late, at 21, but realized I was gay-ish much earlier--while watching Growing Pains, I found young Leo very attractive.
said the growing pains of the steel industry are apparent to his company, which has had to pay more for steel the past two years and has had difficulty finding steel to purchase in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Listeners see the growing pains of a young country--because fire hydrants were not nationally standardized, the Washington DC fire hoses would not fit the Baltimore hydrants.
The plastics industry in foreign lands is, in many cases, going through the same growing pains we have experienced.