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He also urged the graduating young military officers to equip themselves both mentally and physically to ensure the defence of motherland in the face of a growingly complex threat environment.
Surely Swansea City, the first Welsh team to reach the Premier League and becoming growingly assured in such exalted company, were a much more deserving cause.
Beth Mills, owner of Firwood B&B at Wooler, has become growingly concerned at the shortage of holidaymakers coming to North Northumberland following the demise of regional development agency One North East and its promotion of the area.
Liang, unanimously said the consolidation can beef up the two companies' competitiveness in international market at a time when the international markets for TV chips and mobile phone chips are growingly crowded.
However, Plevnelieva's newly discovered tweets have also made her growingly popular on Facebook, with many users claiming that she should have been elected President instead of her husband.
With the expanding use of weapons on both ends of the Syrian revolution, and the repeated statements of the Syrian officials about the risks of an external intervention in this crisis on the region as a whole, in addition to talk about "civil war," which is a matter of concern for the internal Syrian arena as well as the external world, the crisis in Syria is growingly heading to the "lebanonization" road as it carries many of the facets that characterized the Lebanese crisis: proliferation of weapons, accusations of external interference, in addition to the civil war, which lasted for more than a decade and a half.
PTCL is determined to cater to all of our customers growingly sophisticated communications needs, said PTCL Executive Vice President Wireline Business, Asif Inam.
They must become more "interdependent" with their suppliers, working closely with their partners to meet the demands of the growingly sophisticated farm business and provide critical information about customers back into the supply chain.
The Japanese government must build a multitiered and broad-based framework for dialogue not only with Indonesia but with other Asian nations that are growingly apprehensive about China's maritime advance.
Annie becomes growingly insecure about Lillian and Helen's friendship.
Amazon's drive stirs controversy over the threat the appeal of e-readers poses to traditional book publishers, which are growingly worried that e-book lending might damage book sales.
Bankers, in general, do not seem to be too worried by the growingly tense atmosphere in Lebanon, noting Lebanese banks had weathered worse cases like the 2006 summer war withCeIsrael.