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If the dog is still leaning against you, with relaxed ears, eyes a little squinty, and an open, relaxed mouth, this dog's growl is just expressing his pleasure; he's really enjoying his canine massage.
One of several Arabic/English apps released by Growl Media, Zee's Alif Ba has been downloaded over 200,000 times since its launch in November last year, and has been featured as the number one app in 18 countries.
Analysis of the elephants' movements showed that they retreated quickly and silently on hearing the tiger growls.
Starting on Monday (October 15), cereal lovers can simply call a special local rate telephone number and growl for a grand.
Growl automatically validates the integrity of web sites which the user is visiting, and indicates the level of security in place at the sites via a 'traffic light' system.
For more information, call GROWL at (510) 533-7585, or go to its web site at www.
Teddy Growl, a wisp of a solo about a girl who daydreams that she's a ballerina, showed Sally Silvers at her best--funky, imaginative, with a feeling for simple theatrics.
If your dog misbehaves, correct his behavior with a forceful, low-toned growl ("BAH") -- a form of communications that your dog can understand.
His only way to say he doesn't like it is to growl.
12 ( ANI ): Researchers have found that Wild Asian elephants slink away when they hear a tiger roar but trumpet and growl before retreating from leopard growls.
It seems to mean, 'I sort of would like attention,' she says, "but the growl may escalate to a demand bark: 'I want attention.