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Sometimes I feel as if being grown-up just frightened me -- and then I would give anything to be a little girl again.
And I mean always to keep among none but grown-ups till I marry.
Then I remembered seeing the grown-ups blow the foam away before they drank.
The grown-ups didn't mind it; but neither did they mind taking pills and castor oil.
When our grown-ups returned almost the first words Aunt Janet said were,
After seducing and impregnating a school teacher as a teenager, boozy failure Donny (Sandler) attempts a reconciliation with his now grown-up and estranged son.
Juliet, now grown-up, has lived for the past 15 years in Los Angeles.
They rise when a grown-up enters the room, and my son will offer his seat to a woman who is standing.
Two of the games will feature separate versions for grown-up and child players, one game is the same for all players and one will be available to grown-ups only.
Whatever your interests, grown-up nights out for parents can be few and far between so make sure you make the most of your opportunities.
As an adult religious educator, I have spent many years fielding grown-up questions about the faith.
But age was one requirement to win La Chaise d'Or (The Golden Reclining Armchair) award for Best Movie for Grown-Ups Who Refuse to Grow Up (``King Kong''), Best Grown-Up Love Story (``The Family Stone'') or Best Movie for Grown-Ups (``Capote'').