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The new voluntary standards for naturally raised marketing claims mean that the livestock from which those meats and meat products have been derived were raised entirely without growth promotants, antibiotics (except for ionophores used as coccidiostats for parasite control) and animal byproducts.
Growth promotants are anabolic (muscle building) agents used to increase growth rates and the conversion of food to muscle (feed-conversion efficiency).
The facts are that consumption of antibiotics for livestock production in Denmark was > 200 metric tons in 1994, 160 tons in 1997 when antibiotics were last used as growth promotants for weanling and finishing pigs, and dropped to 114 tons in 2005 when this use had ceased (Table 1) [Danish Integrated Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring and Research Program (DANMAP) 2006].
Nitragin, the world's leading developer of legume inoculants and growth promotants, can
In a precautionary approach, GMOs are expressly prohibited within the organic production chain in Australia, as are food additives such as antibiotics, anti-microbials, hormones and other growth promotants.