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Further, I believe the mental and physical discipline needed to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle is very similar to the mental and physical discipline needed for grueling athletic training.
The toll from that match, combined with two grueling sets against Zapala, led to increased cramping that hindered Taoatao throughout the final set.
It includes the preparations, anticipation and then the actual journey, which was grueling and at times dangerous and thrilling.
Over the next 5 days, four astronauts performed 36 grueling hours of space walks to replace worn components and add new devices (SN: 3/2/02, p.
The grueling 24 hours in Le Mans, France is known world wide as the pinnacle of sports car-racing.
Logline: John Lithgow narrates this "Nova" special about a grueling, Pentagon-sponsored contest seeking robotic vehicles that run and navigate under their own power and volition over treacherous desert terrains.
He barely survives the grueling training, and is finally shipped off to Europe with his friend Ted.
Air Force--volunteered to help mortuary officials in grueling duties that included identifying the dead sailors, conducting autopsies, and sorting personal belongings.
Specifically, as seen in New York City, this twenty-six-part touring show looked like it was wrapping up a long and grueling circuit.
Twenty-one-year-old Rachael Scdoris is gearing up for the most grueling race in the world, the Iditarod.
When he reported the harassment, Bressler accused the defendants of retaliating by putting him through grueling drills and shunning him.
routine moderate exercise may be better for the heart than trying to cram in a grueling workout on an occasional basis.