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Hetty was frightened at this gruff old man, and still more at this last suggestion that she looked like a wild woman.
said Toby in his gruff tones; 'Well, cook us first, will you--but what's this?
Upon reaching the first landing, heard two voices in loud and angry contention - the one a gruff voice, the other much shriller - a very strange voice.
Cast by that ruffian, Gruff, who made me a present of five dollars.
She spoke a few words in a foreign tongue in a tone as though asking a question, and when my companion answered in a gruff monosyllable she gave such a start that the lamp nearly fell from her hand.
He was always gruff with him, but he has been kind to the children since.
cried Raffles shrilly over his shoulder; and a gruff sardonic laugh came back over mine.
Yonder is the Abbey of Saint-Martin, a shrill, cracked singer; here the gruff and gloomy voice of the Bastille; at the other end, the great tower of the Louvre, with its bass.
The big fellow, who was known among his mates as Black Michael, tried his leg gingerly, and, finding that it bore his weight, turned to Clayton with a word of gruff thanks.
he cried in a very gruff voice, and the children ran away.
said the Miller in a voice deep and gruff, like the growl of a great dog.
Well, I've a conscience, sir, and when I chanced to see you go into this house, as I came hobbling after you, I thought to myself, I'll just step in and see that kind gentleman, and tell him that if I was a bit gruff in my manner there was not any harm meant, and that I am much obliged to him for picking up my books.